A. Rajeswara Rao

Born in 1960 in Vizainagaram, Andhra Pradesh, I pursued my formal education in arts - BFA from Andhra University, in 1983. And, MFA from Hyderabad Central University, in 1990. 

About my works:

People have been my muses – always. The labyrinth of external resources - just superficial amazes me. Soaking in the pleasures, desires, wants and needs of the maze of people around me and who I come across, I celebrate their appearances, their happiness – their courage to flaunt, decipher themselves with a new abandon thrashing their inhibitions if any and creating cervixes in the social milieu to fit into the ‘high society’. Pretensions are a need here that alternate into a necessity. I am concerned with the ‘high’ of these pretensions - so what if one loses oneself in the muddle of confusions and non-understandability over time. That would be an entirely different canvas - maybe later.