Majcaka has been set up by Mahesh Bolle and Abhishek Maharaju - What started as a general discussion a year ago, has got into shape today. Art has been a common interest for both - Mahesh is an artist himself, whereas Abhishek has been following and collecting art for some time.

The word Majcaka is derived from the Sanskrit language, which means Gallery or Platform; it aptly fits what we do.

Our main aim is to source quality artworks, from the artists and the gallery shows across all the states of India, to the art enthusiasts. Being backed by one of the leading advertising agencies in Hyderabad, Tetramind Strategic Consultants, which is run by Abhishek, Majcaka's branding and the website has been designed to look aesthetically good, with easy to use interface and curated content.

Sourcing great art requires good curation. Hence, Majcaka, onboards the artists and galleries only on an invitation basis, after reviewing the artworks and artists' profiles thoroughly. Further, our Art Advisory team makes it easy for the art buyers to acquire the art which interests them. Also, ensure that the collectors are well informed of the art they are buying, and the transaction is smooth.


Showcases what’s happening in the art galleries near you.

  • Get maximum exposure for your gallery
  • Lists the shows in your gallery, with detailed description and artworks
  • Gallery opening and closing details and content on the ongoing shows
Individual Artists

Detailed profiles of artists to connect better with the collectors.

  • Lists individual artists, with detailed profile and artworks
  • Highlighting collections, media coverage, awards and recognitions, their day in life.
Bulk Orders

Select the art that interests you, from the wide range of art available with us, be it from your favourite artists or the art style that you connect with.

  • Surround your living space with art that you relate to.
  • Turn your office space into a creative hub.
Art Objects

Choose from the wide collection of the art objects ranging from artist editions, to luxury home decor. Also, antique collection across the globe.

  • Display and sale of art objects, which include, home decor, merchandise etc.

Inspired by pancha bhoota


Desire to learn and constantly adapting to new technologies


Presence across the globe. Catering to the clients world-wide


Transparent in our business operations


Pushing the boundaries. Stay ahead of the game.


Provide positive and world-class work environment.