Year: 2017

The tiger as a recurrent motif has occupied the fancy of the artist, Jayaprakash for quite some time now. However, he has outwitted himself in creating an array of rhythmic patterns and tones of colors with the forms of the eighteen big cats for the single gigantic canvas. He looks at the tiger as a symbol of strength, virility as well as audacity. Although, a ferocious form, the tiger in his visual realm appears to be tamed under the spell of the artist`s magical brush, giving them a pacified elegance.

The lyrical patterns and subtle tones of yellows and oranges evoke the warmth and naivety of tribal art. Apparently, he acquired this penchant for tribal art from his father who also painted in the folk style. However, he states, "The form you see is only the outer shell while I am actually trying to find the inner self through the forms." For him, all creation arises out of a single atom or is part of the same substratum. Inspired from the concept of `Sarvam Khalvidim Brahma` in Indian philosophy, Jayaprakash says his work is meditative in approach as a soul connecting process while the aesthetically beautiful forms are merely the skin.